Audio: Little Dragon on Xfm and BBC Radio 1

Little Dragon have been on the press junket recently while in England and we’ve got a lot more recorded and a lot more to come, but for now we’ve got the .mp3s of an interview and performance on Xfm with John Kennedy, as well as a very nice interview between Fred, Yukimi and BBC Radio 1’s Edith Bowman.

Xfm London 104.9
1. Interview Part I
2. Little Man (Live Performance)
3. Interview Part II
4. Ritual Union (Live Performance)
5. Interview Part III

BBC Radio 1 With Edith Bowman
1. Interview Part I
2. Interview Part II

3 thoughts on “Audio: Little Dragon on Xfm and BBC Radio 1”

  1. Vivian,

    I’m very sorry about that, but I didn’t want to release good quality versions of official material before the album came out. It’ll all leak soon and I just wanted to keep it running as long as possible.

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