Have you seen Johannes Nyholm’s “Dreams From The Woods”?

Rooftop Films: Give a brief description of your film for those who haven’t seen it.”

Johannes Nyholm: It’s a journey back to the film medium in its earliest trembling steps, thousands of years before the invention of the film camera, back to when it was just light and shadows. It´s a shadow puppet play about love and death.” – Source.

Director Johannes Nyholm
Script Johannes Nyholm
Camera Johannes Nyholm
Editing Johannes Nyholm
Original Music Little Dragon
Sound Designer / Sound mixing Jan Alvermark
Animation / Puppeteering Henrik Andersson, Elias Araya, Johanna Arvidsson, Erik Bodin, Kasper Collin, Mikael Emtinger, Kristofer Hagbard, Christian Hansen, Aime Hellrand, Anders Holmer, Andreas Korsár, Kurt Lightner, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Henrik Malmgren, Yukimi Nagano, Mary-Anne Norberg, Lars Nilsson, Karl-Oskar Olsson, Isabel Theselius, Ola Wagner, Fredrik Wallin, Håkan Wirenstrand, Andrea Zimmermann, Michael Zimmermann, Mirjam Zimmermann
Produced by Joclo / Andreas Jonsson Hay
Co-producer Swedish Television – Dokumentärfilm/kortfilm / Caisa Westling
Support from Film i Väst / Julia Boström, the Swedish Film Institute / Andra Lasmanis
Copyright Johannes Nyholm

It’s here! Yusuke Nagano creates Little Dragon’s music video for “Brush The Heat”

Are you ready for this? I’ve been absurdly excited for much too long, and here we finally are: the music video to Little Dragon’s delightful track “Brush The Heat”, directed by Yukimi’s father, Yusuke Nagano. Watch it, spread the word. Can we go viral? Maybe not, but it’s worth every shot.

FADER had this to say, “Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat” video was animated by lead singer Yukimi’s father Yusuke Nagano and his creative partner OLGA. Over the down-tempo album track, Yusuke phases Yukimi in and out of half-animated frames. At one point, her bandmates’ heads close in around her like a talking Mount Rushmore. Does Sweden always nurture nuclear family collaboration or is this father-daughter collaboration is exclusive to the Naganos? We’re actually a little jealous, considering the majority of our child-parent bonding involves camping in front of the TV watching Dancing With The Stars.”

Little Dragon’s Ritual Union EP released on iTunes

So, “Ritual Union”, the single, EP has been released on iTunes (American iTunes at least) for $3.49. At first I think the impression was that the remixes would be of Little Dragon songs from the forthcoming album, and while this is true I think people mixed up Ritual Union the LP with “Ritual Union” the single name, so it’s essentially a single release, but an exciting one nonetheless. The beautiful artwork is once again by the talented Jan Scharlau. Here’s the setlist:

1. Ritual Union
2. Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
3. Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)
4. Nightlight (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)

Click here to purchase from iTunes.

Where can you buy Ritual Union?

Before I share these links and before you frantically click on them and purchase the record (because that’s what we’re all going to do eventually, right?) it should be noted that in Little Dragon’s previous newsletter they mentioned that they were putting together bundles/packages for the new release (i.e. album and seven-inch single vinyl or album and t-shirt … and so on), so it might be best to hang on for a moment or two before pre-ordering from any other website.

But, the Ritual Union LP can be pre-ordered from the following websites:
Amazon.co.uk (CD)
Amazon.com (Vinyl)
Rough Trade (CD and Vinyl)
Play.com (CD)
CDWow (CD)
And then there is of course iTunes, too.

Also, this following image (tiny thought it is) featured on Peace Frog today and it’s either the cover to a future single release of “Ritual Union” or the cover art to the album for foreign markets? Either which way, it’s pretty. More work from Jan Scharlau, I do imagine.

Jan Scharlau helps Little Dragon see the NightLight

Little Dragon have released their first single off the upcoming Ritual Union LP and it is “NightLight”. The song is available to download from the US iTunes website here, although for whatever reason it seems to be only available in that territory (maybe due to their strong Californian following). Yukimi posted on twittledragon that the single had reached number twenty-two on the single download chart after just two days. You’ve probably heard the streaming quality version of the release (which came about with the initial press release outlining the album due date, appearing on Pitchfork), but at least now we’ve got the chance to get ourselves a truly high quality version of this wonderful track.

The artwork was created by Jan Scharlau and you can check out extended versions of the piece at his website. Ritual Union really is shaping up to be an incredible record. We’ve now heard “Little Man”, “SummerTearz”, “Ritual Union”, and “NightLight” and each is better than the other. Summer can’t come quick enough. If you’re American, go purchase “Nightlight”. It’s just $.99! “Flyin’ like a heroine…”