Download Little Dragon’s full HUGO BOSS Fashion Show after-party set here

It was a very short showcase of just three tracks, two from the forthcoming Ritual Union LP. The stream itself was terrible, even on a quick connection, so while I was recording the audio I also edited out the gaps of silence to given it a sharper blend. Some of these edits will be noticeable, but shouldn’t take away from the entire piece as did the silences. So, get downloading.

HUGO BOSS Fashion Show (Full Set)

1. Ritual Union
2. Little Man
3. My Step


Little Dragon turn remixers on Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Little Blu House”

“Little Dragon is a funky experimental pop four-piece from Sweden. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a little harder to nail down, but it’s a psychedelic side project created by a New Zealander living in Portland, Oregon. It’s either totally bizarre or absolute destiny that their sounds meld so well together, as shown in a series of collaborations. For the two groups’ latest go-round, Little Dragon remixed Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Little Blu House,” turning the summer-light rock jam into a dreamy get-down full of rubbery bass and echoing vocals.” Reference.

So, I give you: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Little Blu House (Little Dragon Mystery Dance Mix)”

iTunes: 1-min-30-sec previews of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union LP

If you go to the iTunes storeand type “Little Dragon” in the search function and hit the enter key and continue to click on “Ritual Union”, you’ll find that a play icon appears when you hover on top any song title. Click said play icon and you’ll be privy to 1 minute and 30 seconds of each song. How long this will last I’m unsure, but it’s tantalising for now and has whetted the appetite more than I could ever had expected. Let it be the 26th, please.

What are you most excited by? Personally, I cannot pretend to not be knee-weakening-excited by “Please Turn”.

UK Users: Download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for FREE from iTunes!

Not a joke: If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom and you’ve got an account with iTunes, you can download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for the total cost of zero pennies. I think that’s what they call a deal. Click the single cover to head on over to the iTunes store and collect the prize.

Edit: The one unfortunate issue is that you may still need to provide billing information, but you won’t be charged.

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Listen to “Brush The Heat”, “Crystalfilm”, and “Little Man” now!

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″]

Here are streaming recordings of three Ritual Union tracks, previewed on KCRW just a few nights ago. Downloading has not been enabled as these are for preview-pleasure only. The presenter (Aaron Byrd) is present on a couple of the tracks, as are moments of silence. Remember, buy the record for the best experience possible of each song. Thoughts? Favourites?

For those who don’t want to listen until release day, here’s a vague low-down:

“Brush The Heat” provides alien-siren synthesiser calls over drawn out keyboard tones, and Yukimi just sits on the layers breathing syllables so sprite. This track is completely relaxed and composed.

“Crystalfilm” is a smouldering sound with an astute pulse that just drags you in and forces the ride upon you. Darkest of the three, and most certainly akin to Little Dragon LP material. Imagine that album taken to another level, and it’s the only comparison worthy because this band does not allow for outside comparison. Little Dragon is relative to Little Dragon only.

“Little Man” you’ve probably already heard. Now, unless Aaron Byrd provided a radio edit or cut the song short, “Little Man” surprisingly comes in at just over the two minute mark, which is astounding for a song that the band have stretched to almost six minutes at times when live. This felt so different from the live version when I first heard it, but I’ve become so attuned to it now that it just fits. Make sure to look out for the slight vocal strain on “smile” within the line, “There’s something missing in your smile.” It’s remarkably fitting.

Let’s fall in love all over again.

How to listen to “Little Man”, “Brush The Heat”, and “Crystalfilm”

As pointed out by visitor “gah” in the last post, one can listen to KCRW archives on When you visit that link you can come across Aaron Byrd’s latest show for “6/3/2011″. Here is the link to the actual audio show. Now, here’s the interesting bit and I think it’s only fair to quote Gah on this one: “Aaron Byrd played “Brush the Heat” @ 0:10:38, “CrystalFilm” @ 1:50:43, & “Little Man” @ 2:45:25.” So what are you waiting for? Go listen! I’ve given each one a listen and am a bit gob-smacked right now. This record is going to be incredible. What does everyone think?