Little Dragon music video update and a fan-made video for “Brush The Heat”

Yukimi, on her own blog, gives us an update regarding current and future music videos: “what else…oh yea…my Dad is making a video for “Brush The Heat” saw some footage yesterday …will be dope! And that RitualUnion video we were making… well its a long story that could be shortly summarized by a few words like …so glad no one got killed!! After one of the horses went mad threw a dancers of its back who flew in a drum-set cut up her foot had to go to emergency.”

So, Yusuke Nagano, who created the video for “Swimming”, will be animating a music video for the rather wonderful “Brush The Heat”. A fan has got there before him, though, with this piece backed by visuals from the 1959 film “Orfeu Negro” (Black Orpheus).