Little Dragon visit Dickies’ home at SXSW

What’s going down at the Dickies’ house? What Austin-type scenarios has Yukimi got herself into? Will Erik let us in on his favourite Christmas song? Is Fredrik willing to release the demons of his dark childhood? And what exactly does Hakan have in his wallet? Click here and you’ll be taken to a Facebook page (one you do not have to be logged into to view) where you’ll find all the answers in video form. This video came to my attention due to the wonderful contribution of Andrew, a visitor to this here site, so we thank him very much. Keep those contributions coming – of old and new news and multimedia – because you just can’t have enough Little Dragon in your life.

Little Dragon featured “Precious” at Melkweg

Melkweg, you were treated so finely for a night, weren’t you? Not only were you privy to the first performance of “Brush The Heat“, but “Precious”, too? Laced with beats and a fifty-fifty split between Nagano vocals and pulsating instrumental, this could make for a fantastic interlude to “Nightlight”. Just wish the audio was that bit better, but we can’t be spoiled too early. 59 days to go… the wait goes on.

Edit: This video provides excellent quality, but at a shorter time share.

(Thanks to the recorder and uploader of the video.) July 12, 2011, Ritual Union. Tell all friends.

Little Dragon expose us to “Brush The Heat”

We’ve not got a fifth teaser for the forthcoming third record, Ritual Union, this time in the shape of the third track on the record, “Brush The Heat”. This was performed Monday night at Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland. Forgive the quality and treat it only as a teaser. But it is a groovy teaser, am I right?

This album can not come soon enough.

Little Dragon and SBTRKT start a “Wildfire”

Edit: Attempted lyrics here.

Update: “The masked South London producer known as SBTRKT is working on the follow-up to last year’s Step in Shadows EP, and is offering “Wildfire”, a collaboration with Little Dragon, as our first taste from the record. The self-titled album is due June 28 from Young Turks.” – Pitchfork. So we can assume it’s another band collaboration, which always adds spice to the excitement.

So, we have another collaboration for the year of 2011. This time Yukimi has lent her vocal stylings to SBTRKT. The song is called “Wildfire” and as far as I can tell the album is self-titled, so look out for SBTRKT by SBTRKT soon. BBC’s Zane Lowe called it the hottest record in the world (“Great new weird and wonky Hottest Record from SBTRKT tonight. Featuring Little Dragon, ‘Wildfire’ is a great song adapted to the sub. Not the other way around. Which is nice.”) and you can follow SBTRKT on Twitter.

Catchy, right? It needs a few more listens, but immediately there’s a melodic line that compensates for any misgivings. I’m unsure if the rest of the band have played a part in this or not. say, “SBTRKT’s upcoming self-titled album which will be released on June 28th via Young Turks.”

Also, good luck to the band who play their home town tonight.

Let’s decipher the lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Summertearz”, shall we?

When Yukimi speaks of this summer’s Ritual Union as having possibly a more tribal feel, then surely “Summertearz” is the one song we’ve heard so far that proves to be a storming example of the lead singer’s intention? Can’t wait to hear the studio version and all the intricacies it’ll bring.

Written by Yukimi Nagano


The coldest wind hit me so hard
I raise my fist
I slip apart
Oh oh
Nothing compares nothing at all
Just like my tears
I let them fall
Oh oh
It’s in my blood
This dizzy vein
It never cared of all my pain
Oh oh
So lead me on into your web
It’s just a ride that’s in my head
Oh oh

Kind of driven and kind of triggered on
I watch the woods trying to find those inner gods
Hold it back just to try to hold it in
Just like the devil that stayed ready to win
No competition still I’m acting on a race
Watching angels dancing in the slow of ways
Got to let it go
But I can’t
Got to let it go
But I
Oh oh

Little Dragon on Pitchfork TV performing “Summertearz”. Click this link for a better quality streaming video along with a performance of “Blinking Pigs” from the same showcase.

Little Dragon perform for KCRW 89.9, 2009

This is an older showcase of performances by Little Dragon, playing three tracks from Machine Dreams at the KCRW 89.9 studios, but it may be the strongest example of their prowess as a live entity. The band are so tight (brought about in no part to Bodin’s specificity and the band’s undoubted work ethic) with a vibrancy and buoyancy all their own, and the transition from record to room happens without the loss of a single drop of the magic and dream like quality of the studio material. Go ahead, listen. Prove me wrong.

“Morning Becomes Eclectic”, November 3, 2009

“A New”

The rhythmic section is so taut (check 02:18 for the cool subtlety of a big band drum line), Yukimi’s voice is determined and soars in short bursts, and the synth is a frozen layer over bubbling bass. You can tell I like this song, can’t you?

“My Step”

We’ll allow Fredrik to own this sonic world. And check out that jazzy/electronic/dance breakdown at the end. A typical song structure with atypical sounds and a demanding length that fizzes by in a haze.


“Uh, this next song is called “Swimming.”” The submerged dance floor anthem. Håkan’s keys are glorious. How are they not topping the charts? It’s an insult. It shall be their day soon.

Little Dragon and lyrics: “Little Man”

And yet another attempted deciphering of a future Ritual Union song in the shape of the wonderful “Little Man”. If it’s wrong then we’ll blame someone else. The “stealthily” wording is the only bit I was adverse to posting here. I can’t figure out what else it could be. Yukimi, help me.

“I think it [“Little Man”] has a kind of comical side to it. The lyrics are about people being a little bit obsessed with the idea with being happy having everything financially and I think that’s just something we’re fed all the time. You know, having everything in that sense doesn’t necessarily make anything perfect,” – Yukimi.

“Whenever I play this song I find myself conscious about the different dances I do. It’s always different moves. Sometimes it’s in the knees. Sometimes it’s in the hips,” – Fredrik. And the boy can dance.

Written by Yukimi Nagano

“Little Man”

You grew high
Taller than the middle class
Boy cash run in your pockets
You skate high
Gold on your fingertips
They try to make people nervous of

Something missing in your smile
Something missing in your soul
Are you suffering the blues
Tell me why
Tell me when
Tell me why when yeah

Green dollar bills slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly
Boy when a plan slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly

Castle house
Cars and the latest blues
No doubt got you feeling empty
Man your banks packed to the edge
And still you’re sad

Something missing in your smile
Something missing in your soul
Are you suffering the blues
Tell me why

Green dollar bills slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly
Boy when a plan slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly

[Edit: User pixel pusher helped replace the “stealthily” wording with the evidently correct “instantly” line. Thanks so much for that. These poor ageing ears of mine. And you’re my first comment, too! A high five is in order.

#2: User teresaaa7 has helped us along even further with the chorus, this time with the first and third lines. We’re near completion now, right? Thanks so much for the contributions!

#3: A third contribution? This is almost a mini-community. Jiver helped us improve upon one further line, this time: “Are you suffering the blues?” Not anymore. Thanks, Jiver.]


“Little Man” – Little Dragon
Different Fur Studios
San Francisco, CA
February 4th, 2011

“Tendencies” at Mississippi Studios, Portland

“Tendencies”, Mississippi Studios, Portland, Oregon, April 12, 2010. Thought I’d post this particular video as the track itself may be unknown to quite a few (it’s a bonus track to Machine Dreams) and with this you can experience the coincidence of a stunning moment of eye contact with Yukimi. It’s as if you’re right there.