HUGO BOSS TV presents Little Dragon Vogue Photoshooting

“Hey there. This is Little Dragon. We’re a band from the beautiful city of Gothenberg, Sweden. We formed back in 1996, when we were in high school, but we only started to release recorded music back in 2006. (Our first release was a 7″ released on Off The Wall records). Yukimi is our singer, Erik plays the drums, Fred plays the bass, and Håkan plays keys. Our first album, Little Dragon, came out in 2007, and our second album, Machine Dreams, came out in 2009. In addition to making our own music, we love collaborating with other musicians. We’ve worked with everyone from Jose Gonzalez and SBTRKT to Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio and Gorillaz.”

“We started a collaboration with HUGO Tracks back in June, right around the time that our most recent album, Ritual Union, came out. Since then, we’ve been posting free downloads of our music, little videos of ourselves on tour and such here on the HUGO Blog. Keep an eye out for more updates. We’ll be posting soon!

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