Is the Little Dragon set to grow a fifth limb?

Stephanie, a visitor to this here website, ensured I wasn’t to miss out on this following quote – and it’s a good one:

“In the future, Bodin and the rest of Little Dragon are excited that a former keyboardist will rejoin the group “to expand sound when we play live. It’s part of the ritual union,” says Bodin cleverly off-the-cuff. We hope Little Dragon continues to mate for as long as its virility makes it breathe musical fire.” Source.

You’ve probably witnessed a tall, handsome gentleman (Arild Werling) replace someone just as tall and someone just as handsome (Hakan Wirenstrand) during Little Dragon interviews, shows, and related events lately. Arild is a friend, a producer, a musician, and a damn fine keyboardist, and it would seem that his fleeting moments on stage may be expanded to a permanent deal, if Bodin is to be believed above. Follow Arild Werling on Twitter here. The prospect of Little Dragon’s live vibe becoming even more potent will tingle the spines of many.

Let’s look at Werling at work …

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