It’s here! Yusuke Nagano creates Little Dragon’s music video for “Brush The Heat”

Are you ready for this? I’ve been absurdly excited for much too long, and here we finally are: the music video to Little Dragon’s delightful track “Brush The Heat”, directed by Yukimi’s father, Yusuke Nagano. Watch it, spread the word. Can we go viral? Maybe not, but it’s worth every shot.

FADER had this to say, “Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat” video was animated by lead singer Yukimi’s father Yusuke Nagano and his creative partner OLGA. Over the down-tempo album track, Yusuke phases Yukimi in and out of half-animated frames. At one point, her bandmates’ heads close in around her like a talking Mount Rushmore. Does Sweden always nurture nuclear family collaboration or is this father-daughter collaboration is exclusive to the Naganos? We’re actually a little jealous, considering the majority of our child-parent bonding involves camping in front of the TV watching Dancing With The Stars.”

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