Little Dragon aiming to find new home

Little Dragon are in talks with music labels as they plan to record their fourth album. Since the release of their last offering Ritual Union, they have parted ways with Peace Frog. Along the way they have collaborated with the likes of DJ Shadow, Gorillaz and more recently Big Boi from Outcast.

Yukimi Nagano has told 6 Music News they are relieved to be free agents at this point and going forward she explained: “We are definitely set in our minds that we are not going to compromise anything now.

“If we get to a position where we actually can afford to pay creative people for their work, not ask people to do things for free, that’s where you think to yourself, ‘Well, now let’s do something really creative where we can do it in the right way’. We’re in a beautiful position where we can have a bit of a choice and talk to people.”

This summer they are set to play shows around the world at Sonar in Brazil, Lovebox in London and the band will also be supporting the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in America.

Listen to more of the interview with Yukimi Nagano and drummer Erik Bodin speaking to 6 Music’s Adrian Larkin by clicking here.

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