Have you seen Johannes Nyholm’s “Dreams From The Woods”?

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Johannes Nyholm: It’s a journey back to the film medium in its earliest trembling steps, thousands of years before the invention of the film camera, back to when it was just light and shadows. It´s a shadow puppet play about love and death.” – Source.

Director Johannes Nyholm
Script Johannes Nyholm
Camera Johannes Nyholm
Editing Johannes Nyholm
Original Music Little Dragon
Sound Designer / Sound mixing Jan Alvermark
Animation / Puppeteering Henrik Andersson, Elias Araya, Johanna Arvidsson, Erik Bodin, Kasper Collin, Mikael Emtinger, Kristofer Hagbard, Christian Hansen, Aime Hellrand, Anders Holmer, Andreas Korsár, Kurt Lightner, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Henrik Malmgren, Yukimi Nagano, Mary-Anne Norberg, Lars Nilsson, Karl-Oskar Olsson, Isabel Theselius, Ola Wagner, Fredrik Wallin, Håkan Wirenstrand, Andrea Zimmermann, Michael Zimmermann, Mirjam Zimmermann
Produced by Joclo / Andreas Jonsson Hay
Co-producer Swedish Television – Dokumentärfilm/kortfilm / Caisa Westling
Support from Film i Väst / Julia Boström, the Swedish Film Institute / Andra Lasmanis
Copyright Johannes Nyholm

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