Little Dragon perform “Constant Surprises” and “After The Rain”

The much overlooked Little Dragon LP – minus the ever popular “Twice” – has spawned quite a few songs to rival that which I’ve already mentioned; my personal favourite being the haunting “Place To Belong”. While scouring a few pages for content, I came across two videos in particular from a show at Back Booth. The videos highlight the performances (in full) of “Constant Surprises” and “After The Rain”. They were produced by North Avenue Studios, and brought to life by Parafora Presents and These, once again, are stupendous performances … so spread the word if you know of any doubters.

2 thoughts on “Little Dragon perform “Constant Surprises” and “After The Rain””

  1. Great choices on the videos. These are great performances captured on a (3?) camera
    shoot. “Constant Surprises” -an instant classic, as is “After the Rain” – tremendous lyrics, melody, harmony (in the chorus) and anyone could build a ‘Big House’ on Fred’s bass line. And Erik’s drum accents. F’in dynamite.
    As it’s been said before – you have your
    whole life to make your first album, everything after that will be compared to it.
    I listen to “Machine Dreams” on a daily basis – but “Little Dragon” has a special place. It’s much more potent, and the stuff I unleash to the uninitiated.

  2. “… the stuff I unleash to the uninitiated.” What an excellent line. There are some real gems on the first record. It’s a shame lots of newer fans find it harder to adapt to the first, but I guess that’s expected.

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