Little Dragon performing “Summertearz” at Sonar, Barcelona

“It’s kind of a chant. Do whatever you want … sing along … I don’t know … dance?” As highlighted by fortheloveoflittledragon, this is Little Dragon performing “Summertearz” at Sonar in Barcelona, Spain. The song, which from the studio version played on KCRW runs at just over two minutes, lasts for nine minutes here, with splendid positioning of the camera to show the active head bobbing that occurs with every Little Dragon gig.

Rata Rata & Artifakt Presents …

And if your mind has not already blown …

4 thoughts on “Little Dragon performing “Summertearz” at Sonar, Barcelona”

  1. Man I really hope they come out with a live album at some point. “Swimming” is my favorite live song of theirs, but “My Step” and now “Summertearz” are close contenders :). Great videos.

  2. A live album would be incredible. Considering the fantastic array to high quality videos from live performances available, maybe it’ll be possible to put together a fan made version to keep is busy until the possibility of such a release. I’ll look into it … might be fun. And “My Step” is awesome live. I love “Swimming”, too.

  3. OH that’s an awesome idea. I already have a LD live playlist in my iTunes, I’ll send it over to you, if you want. maybe it can add to what you have :D

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