Little Dragon release a “Seconds” treat

As featured on their official webpage, “Can you spot the difference between the digital and physical versions of our album? If you spotted “Seconds,” you were right. Download the original, instrumental version, and remix by Syd The Kyd of OFWGKTA below!”

1. “Seconds” (Instrumental Version)
2. “Seconds” (Vocal Version)
3. “Seconds” (Syd The Kyd Remix)

Right click and hit “Save link/target as…”.

One thought on “Little Dragon release a “Seconds” treat”

  1. Hi I was never aware of this release, I tried to use Wayback Machine to download the tracks but sadly they wont because it’s to far gone. I looked everywhere and cant find them online, can you upload or send me all 3 tracks? I’d be so happy, I’m a huge fan! My email is

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