Little Dragon set to cover Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer”

Manimal Vinyl will release “Making Patterns Rhyme”, an album of Duran Duran covers, on 25 February, 2014. Why is this is interest to you as a Little Dragon fan? Well, the gang have been asked to cover “Save a Prayer” and have done so in a fashion we will undoubtedly conclude as being impressive in due time. Why “Save a Prayer”? Manimal Vinyl “intentionally chose album cuts and B-sides rather than the worldwide smash hits that Duran Duran is known for.” Makes sense. Proceeds from the album will be donated to Amnesty International. While the full tracklist and its order will be released a month prior to the album’s release, the album will also feature work from Warpaint, Moby, Juliette Lewis, and Service Bells. 2014 is gearing up to be an exciting year for Little Dragon. Source: Consequence of Sound.

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