Little Dragon thrill Dublin City’s Button Factory

Last night I watched Little Dragon defeat the bitter cold that the city of Dublin was offering our Tuesday night with a stupendous, heated two-hour set that brought thrills to cramped legs and sweat to cold brows, and, mostly importantly, a musical and community experience unlikely to be matched for some time yet. Each song – among them, the opening “When I Go Out”, “Looking Glass”, “Ritual Union”, and the encore’s “Little Man”, “Blinking Pigs” and “Twice” – stretched into another-world audioscape jam that filled a tightened sold-out room of exhilarated and ravenous fans with a shared ecstasy. “Little Man”’s ending, especially, felt like a rock crescendo with the whole front row thrashing their heads back and forth in unison to surging and diving crashes of sound. There was great elements of theatre, too, with Yukimi entering the stage in a white one piece item of clothing, and glitter mask, before unclothing to reveal something similar to this.

Excitingly, the show was Ritual Union LP heavy, with the band, accompanied by the ever brilliant Arild Werling, almost playing the record in its entirety, with the exception of “NightLight”. I’m unsure how to relate a music event like this back to a person who hasn’t yet experienced it. All adjectives prove useless, this is true. All comparisons are foolish and almost always unsavoury: how does one compare Little Dragon to anything else? Those who have experienced Little Dragon in a live environment understand the moment, the post concert rise of self and soon after the clasping post concert blues. If you haven’t caught them live, then do you and your life a favour and correct that mistake.

Here’s my attempt at compiling a set list. The order is incorrect, but the list is 95% correct, I’m sure (my mind is still in a happy haze). Set-list:

“When I Go Out”, “Looking Glass”, “My Step”, “Feather”, “Swimming”, “Ritual Union”, “Brush The Heat”, “Shuffle A Dream”, “Please Turn”, “Crystalfilm”, “Precious”, “Summertearz”


“Little Man”, “Blinking Pigs”, “Twice”

2 thoughts on “Little Dragon thrill Dublin City’s Button Factory”

  1. “all adjectives prove useless” perfect. little dragon is a live experience! totally understand and feel what you mean :)

  2. I still can’t believe the night is over. I need it back. I need more! The band seemed genuinely pleased with the crowd and were having a truly wonderful time amongst themselves, so hopefully that bodes well for a 2012 return.

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