Little Dragon turn remixers on Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Little Blu House”

“Little Dragon is a funky experimental pop four-piece from Sweden. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a little harder to nail down, but it’s a psychedelic side project created by a New Zealander living in Portland, Oregon. It’s either totally bizarre or absolute destiny that their sounds meld so well together, as shown in a series of collaborations. For the two groups’ latest go-round, Little Dragon remixed Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Little Blu House,” turning the summer-light rock jam into a dreamy get-down full of rubbery bass and echoing vocals.” Reference.

So, I give you: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Little Blu House (Little Dragon Mystery Dance Mix)”

2 thoughts on “Little Dragon turn remixers on Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Little Blu House””

  1. Really good interpretation of this great song, love it. Big fan of you both (Little Dragon and UMO), is this remix going to be available for download or purchase sometime soon?

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