Lyrics to Big Boi’s “Descending” (feat. Little Dragon)

Words written by Big Boi and Yukimi Nagano
Note: Taken from album booklet.

If ya don’t know me now
By now
You will never know
If ya don’t
If ya don’t

When I think back, I’m glad I lived it all
The pain when I’m thinkin’ bout it, Dad
I will not fall
Even tired and all
Great grandmama they gone
My daddy’s gone

Hey, even with a storm to face
I still stand tall
I take beyond
The city I was born and raised
Lights turn off
Running along my own way
My body lift up
Even when I go stray
By now you should know us

From the bottom of my chest to my stomach
God damn it, my daddy is gone

From the waves that rock, I listen for you
I’m listening through

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