Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “When I Go Out”

And we’ve come to the end of Ritual Union’s lyrical odyssey with album closer “When I Go Out”. Here’s my attempt. As previous attempts have shown I’m usually wrong, so if you know better then make sure to leave a comment so we may sing along with confidence. Edit: Thank you to Lawrence for the 100% official lyrics taken from the liner. I need to get home quickly so I can get my physical copy. I’m missing out. Thanks, Lawrence!

“When I Go Out”
Words written by Yukimi Nagano

When I go out
I let my armour fall
And when they shout
I walk through the door

The sea’s blooming
I need to be gone
Through the tunnel
Kids are grown
Hair’s not long

Who took the heat
Took the light
From me and my shadow

2 thoughts on “Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “When I Go Out””

  1. I recently got my copy of Ritual Union, the lyrics are in the liner notes. So, “When I go out, I let my amour fall. And when they shout, I walk through the door. The seas blooming, I need to be gone. Through the tunnel. Kids are grown, hairs not long. Who took the heat took the light from me and my shadow.”

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