Photographs: Little Dragon at Mulberry

Lynn Yang, visitor to this site, kindly emailed me with a link to her photo album containing some wonderful photographs from Little Dragon’s Mulberry show in New York City. We’re glad Lynn was there to represent true Little Dragon fans amongst the posers and to-cool-to-care beings who were present in their numbers at the show. Still, an amazing experience once again to see them up so close.

Click here for plenty more images.

3 thoughts on “Photographs: Little Dragon at Mulberry”

  1. It would seem there were many industry people there, essentially at the show to simply be seen, talking aloud as the band played, generally there for the party and not the band itself. It’s to be expected, but there were pockets of Little Dragon fans and Yukimi made sure to recognise that by waving at the them and so forth.

  2. seems to be ppl like that at every show, i don’t understand paying to see a band, then hanging out at the bar the entire time, facing the opposite way chatting ppl up. ahh well, such is concert life!

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