SB.TV interview Little Dragon

Co-signed by the Gorrilaz, SBTRKT and DJ Shadow. Swedish electro pop outfit Little Dragon, fronted by the icy cool Yukimi Nagano have had an incredible year bringing their up-beat eerie minimalism to crowds around the globe. Georgia Lewis Anderson swaps the mic for a notepad and catches up with the band at Rough Trade after their performance for Clarks Originals‘ at an intimate event for super fans only…

How’s it going? Sounds like you’ve had a really busy time this year, right?
Little Dragon (Yukimi): Yes it’s been very busy.
Little Dragon (Hakan): Busy, busy, busy. Since 2004.

How are you gonna be celebrating New Years Eve then, having had such a successful 2011?
Little Dragon (Fredrik): Go and buy champagne.
Yukimi: We’re gonna get away from each other and I don’t know. Fred’s gonnna be in Bali maybe, right?
Fredrik : Yeah somewhere.
Yukimi: Somewhere. I will probably be in our home town. Hakan, where are you gonna be again?
Hakan: I don’t know. We’re gonna have a Skype party and go on YouTube, like a DJ session party, send different links to each other.

So you’ll be glued to your computers all night?
Fredrik: Internet on New Years. Yea, yea, yea!

Aww lovely, well I suppose it is the modern age…
Hakan: Cyber phone. Cyber phone.

So have you had enough of each other then? Or will you be glad to have a break?
Yukimi: Well we just had a little break, we’re actually glad to be back together. It’s a really good feeling actually.

Yumiki, how does Little Dragon feel different from the other projects you’ve been involved in? There’s been a few…
Yumiki: It’s the only project that matters, definitely! I think that all the other collaborations we’ve done as Little Dragon, that’s Gorillaz and DJ Shadow. That’s actually all been Little Dragon collaborations, sometimes people write that that’s just me, but the guys have been adding syncs and stuff, so it really is a band collaboration.

And do you feel it brings you guys closer, as you’ve known each other for so long?
Little Dragon: Yeah definitely!! (Chorus of agreement)
Fredrik: It’s fun to get to travel around the world with the people who know you the best, who’ve known you since you were little and when you’re being stubborn, or a piece of s***.
Hakan: Asshole.

Aaaah, nice to see you love each other.
Fredrik: We was just joking.

What do you think of the music scene over here in the UK?
Yumiki: I like Adele, I think she’s cool.
Fredrik: Oh yeah, I love her so much.

And how was it collaborating with SBTRKT?
Yumiki: Was good, yea he’s a nice fellow yeah.
Fredrik: We met him a couple of times actually, once in Ibiza. And…
Hakan: He was so high, it was like. It was incredible!
[Laughing] Yumiki: Yeah we could hardly talk to him, he was out of it wow.

Obviously you’re here for Clarks, what do you think of the shoes today, do you like them?
Yumiki: Yeah we love them, we’re all wearing them right now.
Fredrik: I have a couple of pairs, I always forget the names. They’re Clarks we wear them every day…
Hakan: My fave ones ever are called the waved sole or something? They’re so old they’re smashed at home but I still keep them. Source.

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