SBTRKT and Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” track is given a video

This is quite the bizarre visual companion to SBTRKT’s “Wildfire”, directed by Sam Pilling. Take a look, tell us what you think, and use these as a guide to sing along. Unfortunately there is no sign of Yukimi in the video. Very much an artistic piece.

You can also download a HD version of the video by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “SBTRKT and Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” track is given a video”

  1. Very artistic grudge look to it in places, I like the back reel, making the water flow backwards. I wish the vocalist was in the film though, I love the sound of this band. Fabulous

  2. My sister was on a night out last week in Carlow, Ireland when a DJ played this during his set. She frantically called me and let the song play out to me over the phone. Strange little girl, but it did bring one hell of a smile to my face.

  3. I wish someone would add the correct lyrics to this song “Wildfire”, just Yukimi’s part of it. I have seen to written versions and both are lacking with the content of the words. Ones has words missing in spots and one you’re not sure, help…lyrics please. I can’t play this song enough. It’s amazing to me. First you have that music with the drums leading you in, then the bass and the keyboard kill you just when the vocals come in. I am bananas !!! Loving it! The bass is so funky damn, then the keyboard and drums just ride with him and the vocals. S%@# YEAH…like a Wildfire go me rising high! Some of the sound reminds me of Chaka Chan, Missy Elliot, Sade and Minny Rippertion all wrapped up into one with the vocals, you Yukimi, I am loving you voice and style, and the guys are holding it down man. The band sound is thick. Love you all, Narcisse

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