So, let’s purchase some Ritual Union: Out 25th(UK)/26th(US)

You must’ve heard it by now, right? This is 2011! If you’ve not heard the Ritual Union LP by ways a leak or Internet radio or free (and legal) stream then you’ve been under a strongly soundproofed rock. The album is incredible and it is out officially to purchase this coming week – and wouldn’t it be nice, in 2011, to see the band selling strongly? I think it would, so here’s how we do it … (UK) (CD) (US & Beyond) (CD)
Rough Trade (CD and Vinyl)
CDWow (CD)
iTunes (US)
iTunes (Canada)
iTunes (UK)
CD Wow (Ireland)

Or – preferably – head into your nearest town, track down their music store, grab the record whose cover holds a collection of newlyweds, pass over some of your hard earned pocket money for this piece of art slaved over by this great band, and in doing so you’ll be supporting the band, your local economy, local music providers, and your ears.

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