Studio version of “Summertearz” arrives as Yukimi talks to BBC Radio’s DJ Gilles Peterson

From BBC Radio 1: Streaming link. “Gilles had Yukimi Naganu from Little Dragon on the phone discussing beards and the new album!”

The interview, guided by long standing fan Gilles Peterson, begins at around 00:52:00. Importantly, the studio version of “Summertearz” is played at the beginning and sounds sensational – almost an exact replica of the live versions we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. Yukimi spoke about her collaboration with Raphael Saadiq, calling it a “huge thing” – and briefly spoke about how rare it is to be resting at home. Regarding the new record, Yukimi felt that Ritual Union was a departure from Machine Dreams, Gilles expressed his belief that it was a “brilliant” record. Yukimi said the album felt “unplanned” and “intuitive”, soulful yet experimental.

There were jokes about facial hair thrown about before “Brush The Heat” was given another radio airing. Yukimi then spoke of her “2011“/technological collaboration with SBTRKT (pronounced as subtract for anyone who wants to know). Yukimi said she wished she could call it an amazing experience, but really it was just swapping audio files back and forth, expressing their ideas essentially through the medium of file sharing – a very modern approach lacking intimacy. Before finally saying their goodbyes the DJ had one final thing to say: “Best elements of both first two albums mixed into one.”

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