Stream and download: Little Dragon perform “Please Turn” at the Roots Picnic

Okay Player TV capture “Please Turn” and some “A New” performance footage from Little Dragon at the 2011 Roots Picnic in Philadelphia. There’s an interview in the mix there, too, which doesn’t disturb too much from the video. Stream below or download here.

Little Dragon at Rotterdam: visual compilation

This here is a neat little video I was sent by, highlighting some beautiful clips from Little Dragon’s show at Bird, Rotterdam in the Netherlands on May 17. The music which accompanies the video is the studio version of “A New” and not audio of a live performance, but it’s worth a watch – imagine it simply as a music video for “A New”.

Little Dragon perform for KCRW 89.9, 2009

This is an older showcase of performances by Little Dragon, playing three tracks from Machine Dreams at the KCRW 89.9 studios, but it may be the strongest example of their prowess as a live entity. The band are so tight (brought about in no part to Bodin’s specificity and the band’s undoubted work ethic) with a vibrancy and buoyancy all their own, and the transition from record to room happens without the loss of a single drop of the magic and dream like quality of the studio material. Go ahead, listen. Prove me wrong.

“Morning Becomes Eclectic”, November 3, 2009

“A New”

The rhythmic section is so taut (check 02:18 for the cool subtlety of a big band drum line), Yukimi’s voice is determined and soars in short bursts, and the synth is a frozen layer over bubbling bass. You can tell I like this song, can’t you?

“My Step”

We’ll allow Fredrik to own this sonic world. And check out that jazzy/electronic/dance breakdown at the end. A typical song structure with atypical sounds and a demanding length that fizzes by in a haze.


“Uh, this next song is called “Swimming.”” The submerged dance floor anthem. Håkan’s keys are glorious. How are they not topping the charts? It’s an insult. It shall be their day soon.