Lyrics to Big Boi’s “Thom Pettie” (feat. Little Dragon & Killer Mike)

“Thom Pettie”
Words written by Big Boi, Yukimi Nagano, and Killer Mike
Note: Taken from album booklet.

Thom Pettie that hoe
Free Falling, Thom pettie
Thom Pettie that hoe
Free Falling, we out all right

Yeah, I rock one chain, one medallion
With a whole lot of muthafuckin’ diamonds
It’s astounding like when I be rhyming
Always shining like the sun and moon
Like a hot air balloon requires fire
No methamphetamine but nigga we get higher
Big Boi throw a mean, I mean
I’m dope and nah one these niggas can even come close
Except for fat saxxx been a serial killa
Oh nice to meet you best believe that like Ripley’s
Boy don’t tempt me I like fuck around
And leave ya kool-aid glass half empty
Your time is running out just like the sand in it been jamming
And half of you niggas know you can get it
That’s right it as in I.T. we like the apple
On your iPhone you niggas always biting

Oh, you’re shining like the sun and moon
All of your wishes follow through
They’re chasing after you
And climbing up the room
And climbing up the room

Motel Hotel Intercontinental all cause of a nigga push a pencil
This a $550 not a rental
Bitch, I don’t even ride Lincoln Continentals
In the rear seat, is a fat black nigga wit a smile like Denzel
Pretty model bitch wit me movin’ bout as graceful as a gazelle
Skinny as a pencil fold her like a pretzel
Hit her with the XL
Just in case this funky ass bitch was doin’ intel
Ima give her news she can go tell
Snitchin’ ass bitches get evicted no bus fair
Grown ass women ride a Bentley that’s so playa, I’m so playa
Spottieottiedopalicious mama forty but I swear to God
The pussy dope and she delicious
One time for my wife and my mistress gone

Oh, you’re shining like the sun and moon
All of your wishes follow through
They’re chasing after you
And climbing up the room
And climbing up the room

Lyrics to Big Boi’s “Descending” (feat. Little Dragon)

Words written by Big Boi and Yukimi Nagano
Note: Taken from album booklet.

If ya don’t know me now
By now
You will never know
If ya don’t
If ya don’t

When I think back, I’m glad I lived it all
The pain when I’m thinkin’ bout it, Dad
I will not fall
Even tired and all
Great grandmama they gone
My daddy’s gone

Hey, even with a storm to face
I still stand tall
I take beyond
The city I was born and raised
Lights turn off
Running along my own way
My body lift up
Even when I go stray
By now you should know us

From the bottom of my chest to my stomach
God damn it, my daddy is gone

From the waves that rock, I listen for you
I’m listening through

Lyrics to Big Boi’s “Higher Res” (feat. Jai Paul & Little Dragon)

“Higher Res”
Words written by Big Boi, Jai Paul, and Yukimi Nagano
Note: Taken from album booklet.

I wanna get in higher res
I wanna see it on the sick screen
I wanna get it now anytime, anywhere
I wanna put it on the five point one
I just want to get it on
I wanna get it now anytime, anywhere
I wanna get it higher res

Now what can be clearer when you’re vision is blurry
Well, I say wipin’ away the steam up off the mirror
And bathin’ in the fog, dog
She about this lumberjack so she gonna get this log
‘Cause I’m a get that thundercat when I get up under that thang
her natural habitat is a bang bang
Surrounded by the jungle
The sea
The tundra
B I G stay cooler than the pussy on a penguin in the summer
Niggas in slumber but we been runnin’ this bitch and never fumbled fumble?
Hot tomato wake up

Turn on
Burn out
It’s all about
How you wanna give it to me
I’m up
Press send
Don’t rush
I know you wanna get it in

Confirmed: Little Dragon’s involvement in Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors LP

Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors tracklist:

1. Ascending
2. The Thickets (ft. Sleepy Brown)
3. Apple Of My Eye
4. Objectum Sexuality (ft. Phantogram)
5. In The A (ft. T.I. & Ludacris)
6. She Hates Me (ft. Kid Cudi)
7. CPU (ft. Phantogram)
8. Thom Pettie (ft. Little Dragon & Killer Mike)
9. Mama Told Me (ft. Kelly Rowland)
10. Lines (ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram)
11. Shoes For Running (ft. BoB & Wavves)
12. Raspberries (ft. Mouche & Scar)
13. Tremendous Damage (ft. Bosko)
14. Descending (ft. Little Dragon)
15. Higher Res (ft. Jai Paul & Little Dragon)
16. Gossip (ft. UGK & Big K.R.I.T.)
17. She Said OK (with Theophilus London, ft. Tre Luce)

Big Boi’s “Mama Told Me” features Kelly Rowland on vocals

Update: “It is true that Little Dragon made the “Mama Told Me” track with Big Boi and even performed it live in Austin for The FADER. The whole collaboration was an amazing creative experience. Unfortunately, business terms out of our control got in the way, and an agreement couldn’t be reached in time for our version of the track to be released. At least new friendships were made, and we want to wish Big Boi good luck with the album. We look forward to collaborating with him in the future.” – Little Dragon publicist.

Big Boi has finally released the studio recording for “Mama Told Me” which features Kelly Rowland on vocal duty. News of its pending release featured on Big Boi’s official website with “Little Dragon” used as a tag beneath the post, so I believe we can assume Little Dragon feature somewhere in the writing and/or producing credits. The Fader had this to say:

“Kelly Rowland grooves with Big Boi on “Mama Told Me,” the first official single from Big Boi’s upcoming album, debuted by Funkmaster Flex last night on New York’s Hot 97. Rowland replaces Little Dragon frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, who sang the hook on an earlier version of the track. Asked about the switch, Big Boi hints that Nagano will still be a part of Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, due out November 13.”

Here is Little Dragon and Big Boi’s live performance of the track during the summer. Hard not to prefer Yukimi’s beautiful vocal style, but the decision is made and the finished product should still be appreciated by radio listeners. A cynic would say this is record company intrusion, but at least we have this video to return to.