It’s here! Yusuke Nagano creates Little Dragon’s music video for “Brush The Heat”

Are you ready for this? I’ve been absurdly excited for much too long, and here we finally are: the music video to Little Dragon’s delightful track “Brush The Heat”, directed by Yukimi’s father, Yusuke Nagano. Watch it, spread the word. Can we go viral? Maybe not, but it’s worth every shot.

FADER had this to say, “Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat” video was animated by lead singer Yukimi’s father Yusuke Nagano and his creative partner OLGA. Over the down-tempo album track, Yusuke phases Yukimi in and out of half-animated frames. At one point, her bandmates’ heads close in around her like a talking Mount Rushmore. Does Sweden always nurture nuclear family collaboration or is this father-daughter collaboration is exclusive to the Naganos? We’re actually a little jealous, considering the majority of our child-parent bonding involves camping in front of the TV watching Dancing With The Stars.”

Full and complete lyrics to each Little Dragon song from the Ritual Union LP

Full, complete, and official. Learn them for the touring season.

1 – “Ritual Union
2 – “Little Man
3 – “Brush The Heat
4 – “Shuffle A Dream
5 – “Please Turn
6 – “Crystalfilm
7 – “Precious
8 – “Nightlight
9 – “Summertearz
10 – “When I Go Out
11 – “Seconds

Little Dragon music video update and a fan-made video for “Brush The Heat”

Yukimi, on her own blog, gives us an update regarding current and future music videos: “what else…oh yea…my Dad is making a video for “Brush The Heat” saw some footage yesterday …will be dope! And that RitualUnion video we were making… well its a long story that could be shortly summarized by a few words like …so glad no one got killed!! After one of the horses went mad threw a dancers of its back who flew in a drum-set cut up her foot had to go to emergency.”

So, Yusuke Nagano, who created the video for “Swimming”, will be animating a music video for the rather wonderful “Brush The Heat”. A fan has got there before him, though, with this piece backed by visuals from the 1959 film “Orfeu Negro” (Black Orpheus).

Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat”

Not official, and there to be improved upon. Here’s my attempt at “Brush The Heat”. Hopefully the official lyrics will be part of a booklet with the physical disc.

“Brush The Heat”
Written by Yukimi Nagano

In a stare
So in-between
I’m feeling bold
I’m in a dream
I have no mask
I have no guard
It’s just the flesh there bare under the stars
And when the words get in the way
The ones that hurt
The ones that she said
So I give in to live the beat
I’m giving into the rhythm of my feet
Brush the heat
Brush it
Brush the heat
Brush it

Traffic slow
Lights in a haze
And all the smog
I’m in a daze
So I move down away from here
And if you smile
Then maybe I could feel
And all the words get in the way
The ones that hurt
The ones that she said
So I give in to live the beat
I give in to the rhythm of my feet
Brush the heat
Brush it
Brush the heat
Brush it

Listen to “Brush The Heat”, “Crystalfilm”, and “Little Man” now!

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″]

Here are streaming recordings of three Ritual Union tracks, previewed on KCRW just a few nights ago. Downloading has not been enabled as these are for preview-pleasure only. The presenter (Aaron Byrd) is present on a couple of the tracks, as are moments of silence. Remember, buy the record for the best experience possible of each song. Thoughts? Favourites?

For those who don’t want to listen until release day, here’s a vague low-down:

“Brush The Heat” provides alien-siren synthesiser calls over drawn out keyboard tones, and Yukimi just sits on the layers breathing syllables so sprite. This track is completely relaxed and composed.

“Crystalfilm” is a smouldering sound with an astute pulse that just drags you in and forces the ride upon you. Darkest of the three, and most certainly akin to Little Dragon LP material. Imagine that album taken to another level, and it’s the only comparison worthy because this band does not allow for outside comparison. Little Dragon is relative to Little Dragon only.

“Little Man” you’ve probably already heard. Now, unless Aaron Byrd provided a radio edit or cut the song short, “Little Man” surprisingly comes in at just over the two minute mark, which is astounding for a song that the band have stretched to almost six minutes at times when live. This felt so different from the live version when I first heard it, but I’ve become so attuned to it now that it just fits. Make sure to look out for the slight vocal strain on “smile” within the line, “There’s something missing in your smile.” It’s remarkably fitting.

Let’s fall in love all over again.

How to listen to “Little Man”, “Brush The Heat”, and “Crystalfilm”

As pointed out by visitor “gah” in the last post, one can listen to KCRW archives on When you visit that link you can come across Aaron Byrd’s latest show for “6/3/2011″. Here is the link to the actual audio show. Now, here’s the interesting bit and I think it’s only fair to quote Gah on this one: “Aaron Byrd played “Brush the Heat” @ 0:10:38, “CrystalFilm” @ 1:50:43, & “Little Man” @ 2:45:25.” So what are you waiting for? Go listen! I’ve given each one a listen and am a bit gob-smacked right now. This record is going to be incredible. What does everyone think?

Little Dragon expose us to “Brush The Heat”

We’ve not got a fifth teaser for the forthcoming third record, Ritual Union, this time in the shape of the third track on the record, “Brush The Heat”. This was performed Monday night at Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland. Forgive the quality and treat it only as a teaser. But it is a groovy teaser, am I right?

This album can not come soon enough.