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None of the following blogs are run by the band, but are fan based tributes. This Is Little Dragon is my effort. It’s a year old this month, has 1,111 posts (images, audio, video), and has 629 followers. For The Love Of Little Dragon, another Tumblr blog, is one of my favourite blogs and mostly gets to news and features and images before I do, so give that one strong following. If you’re an active part of the addictive Tumblr scene then it’d be foolish of you not to get on board.

L’Uomo Vogue’s Little Dragon feature preview …

Note: Found and brought to our attention by the ever brilliant For The Love Of Little Dragon.

“To have materialized from nowhere perfectly formed, almost like Aphrodite from the sea foam. It is tempting to see Little Dragon as such, the extravagant group of college friends emerged inexplicably from Göteborg, Sweden, to create the hottest and most interesting dance music in recent years.”

“It is difficult to understand where they learnt how. Yukimi Nagano, the vocalist of the band, to channel such strong, such seductive intensity and depth. Or where did keyboards player Håkan Wirenstrand, drummer Erik Bodin and bass player Fredrik Källgren Wallin, learn how to come up with for each album recordings of new genres that are more and more extraordinary and certainly not Scandinavian, but ranging from ambient r’n’b to Eighties pop, to soul dubstep, each time revealing a further, fascinating “layer”.”