The Jerusalem Post speaks to Erik Bodin

Ther Jerusalem Post interviewed Erik Bodin this week and we’ve got the link to the full article below. Erik talks Gothenburg, Gorillaz, touring with José González, and Yukimi’s undoubted charisma.

“Little Dragon proves to be the tantalizing exception amid the barrage of 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s oldies shows showering down on Tel Aviv clubs and arenas. The electro-indie band from Gothenburg, Sweden, may not be a household name, but their star is rising around the world thanks to their bright take on dance music and a high-profile boost from another buzz band – Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s virtually animated Gorillaz.”

“”Gothenburg is similar to Glasgow, where I am right now – cold, rainy and sleepy,” said Bodin. “You have a lot of time and privacy to go into a bubble and do your own thing. There are a lot of bands, but in general the music scene there is more about people hiding out inside, like we do, and making their own music in an effort to deal with the boredom.””

Read the full article here. (External link.)