Full and complete lyrics to each Little Dragon song from the Ritual Union LP

Full, complete, and official. Learn them for the touring season.

1 – “Ritual Union
2 – “Little Man
3 – “Brush The Heat
4 – “Shuffle A Dream
5 – “Please Turn
6 – “Crystalfilm
7 – “Precious
8 – “Nightlight
9 – “Summertearz
10 – “When I Go Out
11 – “Seconds

Little Dragon perform “Little Man” at UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival and Yukimi Nagano speaks to Truth Seekers Radio

“We had a chance to catch up with the insanely talented and beautiful Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon after their performance at the 25th Annual UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival. This track is unreleased, but gives us a glimpse of their forthcoming release. We def look forward to it!”

Ritual Union Remix EP to surface in July?

As confirmed by Prefixmag.com and Musicremedy.com, a Remix EP of Ritual Union tracks will surface before the official release of the third album.

Little Dragon’s third album, Ritual Union, might have been pushed back one week to late July, but the Swedes are making up for it by dropping an additional project earlier in the month. It’s a remix EP filled with reworked versions of choice cuts from Ritual Union. And so far, we know that acts like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tensnake are handling the remixes. It’s not clear yet which tracks they will be rearranging, but I expect we will hear new versions of lead single “Nightlight” and “Little Man.” – Prefixmag.com

So much new material to look forward to in the coming months.

Listen to “Brush The Heat”, “Crystalfilm”, and “Little Man” now!

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Here are streaming recordings of three Ritual Union tracks, previewed on KCRW just a few nights ago. Downloading has not been enabled as these are for preview-pleasure only. The presenter (Aaron Byrd) is present on a couple of the tracks, as are moments of silence. Remember, buy the record for the best experience possible of each song. Thoughts? Favourites?

For those who don’t want to listen until release day, here’s a vague low-down:

“Brush The Heat” provides alien-siren synthesiser calls over drawn out keyboard tones, and Yukimi just sits on the layers breathing syllables so sprite. This track is completely relaxed and composed.

“Crystalfilm” is a smouldering sound with an astute pulse that just drags you in and forces the ride upon you. Darkest of the three, and most certainly akin to Little Dragon LP material. Imagine that album taken to another level, and it’s the only comparison worthy because this band does not allow for outside comparison. Little Dragon is relative to Little Dragon only.

“Little Man” you’ve probably already heard. Now, unless Aaron Byrd provided a radio edit or cut the song short, “Little Man” surprisingly comes in at just over the two minute mark, which is astounding for a song that the band have stretched to almost six minutes at times when live. This felt so different from the live version when I first heard it, but I’ve become so attuned to it now that it just fits. Make sure to look out for the slight vocal strain on “smile” within the line, “There’s something missing in your smile.” It’s remarkably fitting.

Let’s fall in love all over again.

How to listen to “Little Man”, “Brush The Heat”, and “Crystalfilm”

As pointed out by visitor “gah” in the last post, one can listen to KCRW archives on www.kcrw.com/archive. When you visit that link you can come across Aaron Byrd’s latest show for “6/3/2011″. Here is the link to the actual audio show. Now, here’s the interesting bit and I think it’s only fair to quote Gah on this one: “Aaron Byrd played “Brush the Heat” @ 0:10:38, “CrystalFilm” @ 1:50:43, & “Little Man” @ 2:45:25.” So what are you waiting for? Go listen! I’ve given each one a listen and am a bit gob-smacked right now. This record is going to be incredible. What does everyone think?

Little Dragon and lyrics: “Little Man”

And yet another attempted deciphering of a future Ritual Union song in the shape of the wonderful “Little Man”. If it’s wrong then we’ll blame someone else. The “stealthily” wording is the only bit I was adverse to posting here. I can’t figure out what else it could be. Yukimi, help me.

“I think it [“Little Man”] has a kind of comical side to it. The lyrics are about people being a little bit obsessed with the idea with being happy having everything financially and I think that’s just something we’re fed all the time. You know, having everything in that sense doesn’t necessarily make anything perfect,” – Yukimi.

“Whenever I play this song I find myself conscious about the different dances I do. It’s always different moves. Sometimes it’s in the knees. Sometimes it’s in the hips,” – Fredrik. And the boy can dance.

Written by Yukimi Nagano

“Little Man”

You grew high
Taller than the middle class
Boy cash run in your pockets
You skate high
Gold on your fingertips
They try to make people nervous of

Something missing in your smile
Something missing in your soul
Are you suffering the blues
Tell me why
Tell me when
Tell me why when yeah

Green dollar bills slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly
Boy when a plan slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly

Castle house
Cars and the latest blues
No doubt got you feeling empty
Man your banks packed to the edge
And still you’re sad

Something missing in your smile
Something missing in your soul
Are you suffering the blues
Tell me why

Green dollar bills slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly
Boy when a plan slip your hand Little Man
Anything you want come instantly

[Edit: User pixel pusher helped replace the “stealthily” wording with the evidently correct “instantly” line. Thanks so much for that. These poor ageing ears of mine. And you’re my first comment, too! A high five is in order.

#2: User teresaaa7 has helped us along even further with the chorus, this time with the first and third lines. We’re near completion now, right? Thanks so much for the contributions!

#3: A third contribution? This is almost a mini-community. Jiver helped us improve upon one further line, this time: “Are you suffering the blues?” Not anymore. Thanks, Jiver.]


“Little Man” – Little Dragon
Different Fur Studios
San Francisco, CA
February 4th, 2011

A teaser for Ritual Union

Hopefully this goes down well. This is just a teaser for the summer ahead or July 12th to be exact. What we’ve got here are four tracks, three of which are live, that will feature on Ritual Union when it surfaces in a couple of months. “NightLight” is the leaked and unmastered version. Remember, you can actually purchase this on iTunes (US) and I’d persuade you to do so as the difference is audible and certain and supporting the artist by throwing out a few pence is surely something that won’t significantly harm your pocket, hopefully. The others, including an excellent recording of “Little Man”, are live performances – which as Little Dragon fans well know can be superior to the record itself.


1. “NightLight” (Unmastered)
2. “Ritual Union” (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
3. “Summertearz” (Pitchfork)
4. “Little Man” (IFC at SXSW)


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