Young The Giant cover Gorillaz & Little Dragon’s “Empire Ants”

You may remember that recently a visitor to this here site, the lovely Lynn Yang, provided us with some wonderful shots from Little Dragon’s Mulberry show in New York. Well, Lynn has now highlighted this cool cover of Gorillaz & Little Dragon’s “Empire Ants” by Young The Giant, who are a California rock band.

(Note: Video cannot be viewed outside of the US and there are currently no YouTube links available. If you’re in Canada you can view it using this link, however.)

“Although Irvine, California-based rock outfit Young The Giant has been well known for a little while on the indie circuit, the band’s impressive performance on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards back in August undoubtedly increased their visibility among a broader crowd. Since that worked so well, MTV must have felt it was only right to bring the band back into the limelight through one of the network’s popular mediums. On Wednesday, November 9 at 7 p.m. EST, fans can head over to to watch Young The Giant perform on one of MTV’s most famous music programs, MTV Unplugged. Included in the show will be acoustic renditions of songs off of the band’s self-titled debut album and a cover of Gorillaz’ “Empire Ants,” the original of which features Little Dragon and can be found on the animated music group’s third album, Plastic Beach. To hold fans over until the show airs, Young The Giant’s string section-backed Unplugged cover of “Empire Ants” is now available for viewing. Check it out above.” Source.