Full and complete lyrics to each Little Dragon song from the Ritual Union LP

Full, complete, and official. Learn them for the touring season.

1 – “Ritual Union
2 – “Little Man
3 – “Brush The Heat
4 – “Shuffle A Dream
5 – “Please Turn
6 – “Crystalfilm
7 – “Precious
8 – “Nightlight
9 – “Summertearz
10 – “When I Go Out
11 – “Seconds

Stream and download: Little Dragon perform “Please Turn” at the Roots Picnic

Okay Player TV capture “Please Turn” and some “A New” performance footage from Little Dragon at the 2011 Roots Picnic in Philadelphia. There’s an interview in the mix there, too, which doesn’t disturb too much from the video. Stream below or download here.

Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Please Turn”

If you want to be free from spoilers before the 25th (UK)/26th (US) then read no more, but here are the lyrics to “Please Turn”. Well, they are my translated efforts – undoubtedly to be full of errors, but enjoy for now.

“Please Turn”
Written by Yukimi Nagano

With your clover
You’re picking cherries
Taking pills
And running with the steam
Love’s all make believe
Swinging branches
By your mansion
And by the pool she’s posing leopard skin
Got you dancing in

Please, pull the string now
Turn the winds all round and round
Oh the diamonds don’t lift up
Oh the color shift and cut

Staring down at wondering faces who want your place
But on the papers you can shine and fly
Smiling in their eyes
Over land and over space
You take me to that unreal place
That I had never known
Don’t you cry


Summarising Little Dragon’s appearance on Xfm radio with John Kennedy

Little Dragon were musical guests on Xfm London 104.9 tonight, and, as well as being interviewed, John Kennedy played three tracks from their forthcoming third album, including two not yet heard in the shape of “Please turn” and “When I Go Out”.

“Brush The Heat” was played first by John Kennedy before speaking to the band (Yukim and Erik) about how they work on music and the collaborations they have been part of during the last couple of years. This played out as the prelude to a wonderful live performance of “Little Man” in the studio before comments from everyone on Yukimi’s drum free-styling. (By the way, Hakan is back after a slight absence.)

A break then occurs before the show returns with a world first (I believe) play of “Please Turn”, which is as bizarre as it is beautiful and intense. A kind of crazy, 8-bit mash-up – think Sega-Mega-Drive with soul – which is without doubt the loudest thing they’ve created. Yukimi then speaks with John about her newest lyrics, the DJ calling them her most “powerful”. Yukimi explained the title track “Ritual Union” as a “skeptical look on love”. The band then proceeded to perform “Ritual Union”. Before ending the show with another world first play, this time of “When I Got Out” (specifically chosen by Yukimi), the band said they would be returning to the UK in the fall (autumn) for shows.

I have this recorded, but just need to separate the files. I’ll have it uploaded (the interview and live performances only) tomorrow, so look out for that.