Let’s decipher the lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Summertearz”, shall we?

When Yukimi speaks of this summer’s Ritual Union as having possibly a more tribal feel, then surely “Summertearz” is the one song we’ve heard so far that proves to be a storming example of the lead singer’s intention? Can’t wait to hear the studio version and all the intricacies it’ll bring.

Written by Yukimi Nagano


The coldest wind hit me so hard
I raise my fist
I slip apart
Oh oh
Nothing compares nothing at all
Just like my tears
I let them fall
Oh oh
It’s in my blood
This dizzy vein
It never cared of all my pain
Oh oh
So lead me on into your web
It’s just a ride that’s in my head
Oh oh

Kind of driven and kind of triggered on
I watch the woods trying to find those inner gods
Hold it back just to try to hold it in
Just like the devil that stayed ready to win
No competition still I’m acting on a race
Watching angels dancing in the slow of ways
Got to let it go
But I can’t
Got to let it go
But I
Oh oh

Little Dragon on Pitchfork TV performing “Summertearz”. Click this link for a better quality streaming video along with a performance of “Blinking Pigs” from the same showcase.

A teaser for Ritual Union

Hopefully this goes down well. This is just a teaser for the summer ahead or July 12th to be exact. What we’ve got here are four tracks, three of which are live, that will feature on Ritual Union when it surfaces in a couple of months. “NightLight” is the leaked and unmastered version. Remember, you can actually purchase this on iTunes (US) and I’d persuade you to do so as the difference is audible and certain and supporting the artist by throwing out a few pence is surely something that won’t significantly harm your pocket, hopefully. The others, including an excellent recording of “Little Man”, are live performances – which as Little Dragon fans well know can be superior to the record itself.


1. “NightLight” (Unmastered)
2. “Ritual Union” (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
3. “Summertearz” (Pitchfork)
4. “Little Man” (IFC at SXSW)


Note: Removed as per request.

Little Dragon and lyrics: “Ritual Union”

Here is our attempt at translating the words to the title track from Little Dragon’s upcoming record. Hopefully they are correct, although they probably won’t be. At least it gives you an idea for the sing-along. I’ll attempt “SummerTearz”, “NightLight”, and “Little Man” later.

Written by Yukimi Nagano

Ritual Union

Ritual union has got me in trouble again
I was wonderin’ of a white dress
And a mistress
And her spirit – holding my hand!

Love sinking in the sand
Petals falling on demand
My feet are running like the wind
I’m sorry, boy – that we sinned
Love is not like they say
I lied, it’s hard to make it stay
I drown my feelings in the sea
Then dried out over on the beach

Ritual union has got me in trouble again
I was wonderin’ of a white dress
And the mistress
And a spirit – holding my hand!

Mother, tell me how it is
I know you’ve been through all of this
You ran away so many times
Your kids, your heart, a couple of dimes
Love is not like they say
I lied, it’s hard to make it stay
It drowns my feelings in the sea
I dried up over on the beach…

The Rise of Little Dragon, by SPIN.com

Here’s an interesting article by SPIN.com related to the rise of popularity for Little Dragon. Some nifty photographs added, too. Not much in the way of new information, but the line “English label Peacefrog promptly inked Nagano and the guys to a three-album deal, of which Ritual Union, due in June, is the last and best effort” is undoubtedly the most exciting of the piece.

“If the band’s self-titled debut was a demure introduction to their after-hours charm and 2009’s Machine Dreams a sojourn into funkier forms, Union builds on the strengths of both — it’s equal parts chill-out-room dreamy and club-friendly fierce. The effect was intentional. “It’s an album for multitasking,” says Bodin, 31. “Our aim is to make music for people to escape into or dance to.” Thus, “Light” tiptoes on sleekly propulsive bass lines and airy, lovelorn melodies, while “Ritual Union” shifts between burbling, kinetic rhythm patterns and Nagano’s deeply affecting little-girl-lost vocals.”

Continue here…

Jan Scharlau helps Little Dragon see the NightLight

Little Dragon have released their first single off the upcoming Ritual Union LP and it is “NightLight”. The song is available to download from the US iTunes website here, although for whatever reason it seems to be only available in that territory (maybe due to their strong Californian following). Yukimi posted on twittledragon that the single had reached number twenty-two on the single download chart after just two days. You’ve probably heard the streaming quality version of the release (which came about with the initial press release outlining the album due date, appearing on Pitchfork), but at least now we’ve got the chance to get ourselves a truly high quality version of this wonderful track.

The artwork was created by Jan Scharlau and you can check out extended versions of the piece at his website. Ritual Union really is shaping up to be an incredible record. We’ve now heard “Little Man”, “SummerTearz”, “Ritual Union”, and “NightLight” and each is better than the other. Summer can’t come quick enough. If you’re American, go purchase “Nightlight”. It’s just $.99! “Flyin’ like a heroine…”