Who have Little Dragon collaborated with?

Off the top of my head, here is a list of collaborations between Little Dragon and other artists. One must take care to know that many songs with the note “feat. Yukimi Nagano” were, unfortunately for us and the other artist, vocal work only and not a case of collaboration. Foolish on their part as they clearly had no idea the wonders they had at their disposal, but such is life. So, let me know what I’ve missed out on as I’m sure I have.

GE-OLOGY – Blues Alley (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
GE-OLOGY – Longin (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Gorillaz – Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
Gorillaz – To Bing (feat. Little Dragon)
Hird – Love Again (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Hird – I Love You My Hope (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Hird – Fading Blues (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Hird – Keep You Kimi (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Jafrosax – Drawn 2 U (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Jose Gonzalez – The Nest (co-written by Yukimi Nagano)
Jose Gonzalez – In Our Nature LP (Bodin on percussion, Nagano on backing vocals, Wirenstrand on synth)
Koop – Summer Sun (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Koop – I See A Different You (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Koop – Whenver There Is You (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Koop – Come To Me (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Maximum Balloon – If You Return (feat. Little Dragon)
Raphael Saadiq – Just Don’t (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
SBTRKT – Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon)
Shuya Dkino – Pieces Of You (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Sleep Walker – Wind (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Sleep Walker – Afloat (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Swell Session – The Music In Her Eyes (feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Swell Session – Gone (feat. Yukimi Nagano)

Future possibilities: Big Boi, and DJ Shadow.

UK Users: Download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for FREE from iTunes!

Not a joke: If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom and you’ve got an account with iTunes, you can download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for the total cost of zero pennies. I think that’s what they call a deal. Click the single cover to head on over to the iTunes store and collect the prize.

Edit: The one unfortunate issue is that you may still need to provide billing information, but you won’t be charged.

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Little Dragon and SBTRKT start a “Wildfire”

SBTRKT and Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” track is given a video

This is quite the bizarre visual companion to SBTRKT’s “Wildfire”, directed by Sam Pilling. Take a look, tell us what you think, and use these as a guide to sing along. Unfortunately there is no sign of Yukimi in the video. Very much an artistic piece.

You can also download a HD version of the video by clicking here.

SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon: Lyrics to “Wildfire”

One or two have requested the lyrics to SBTRKT and Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” – which can be heard here – so I bring you this rather fragmented, but hopefully useful, attempt at figuring out what’s being sung in that delicious melody.


I could bet all the riches that I ever had
Rushing the night like a shark, babe
Would it be bad?
If I had to set the alarm
Cause those thrills that run up my back
You are my star
Nothing else could leave me off track

You like a wildfire
You got me rising high

Your innocence
Who’s brave?
Drowning in
Would you save me
It’s a crime
If you don’t want
You’ll expire
By the throat

Edit: Improved upon by “teresaaa7″ and “J”.

Edit #2: Now official, as per SKTRKT’s webpage.

Little Dragon and SBTRKT start a “Wildfire”

Edit: Attempted lyrics here.

Update: “The masked South London producer known as SBTRKT is working on the follow-up to last year’s Step in Shadows EP, and is offering “Wildfire”, a collaboration with Little Dragon, as our first taste from the record. The self-titled album is due June 28 from Young Turks.” – Pitchfork. So we can assume it’s another band collaboration, which always adds spice to the excitement.

So, we have another collaboration for the year of 2011. This time Yukimi has lent her vocal stylings to SBTRKT. The song is called “Wildfire” and as far as I can tell the album is self-titled, so look out for SBTRKT by SBTRKT soon. BBC’s Zane Lowe called it the hottest record in the world (“Great new weird and wonky Hottest Record from SBTRKT tonight. Featuring Little Dragon, ‘Wildfire’ is a great song adapted to the sub. Not the other way around. Which is nice.”) and you can follow SBTRKT on Twitter.

Catchy, right? It needs a few more listens, but immediately there’s a melodic line that compensates for any misgivings. I’m unsure if the rest of the band have played a part in this or not. Soulculture.co.uk say, “SBTRKT’s upcoming self-titled album which will be released on June 28th via Young Turks.”

Also, good luck to the band who play their home town tonight.