Video: Little Dragon perform “Shuffle A Dream” at the Guardian’s studios in London

Swedish electropop five-piece Little Dragon visited the Guardian’s studios to perform Shuffle a Dream, taken from their critically acclaimed album Ritual Union. Rather than explain how they wrote it, lead singer Yukimi Nagano instructs us to listen to the lyrics to understand the song. Source. (Click the image to be taken to the video.)

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Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Shuffle A Dream”

Must note that these are not official: just my attempt at deciphering them. Anything with an “*” denotes that it’s most likely wrong or there’s some doubt.

Edit: Laurence and Jay helped improve this. Thanks so much, guys.

“Shuffle A Dream”
Words written by Yukimi Nagano

You cruise around in a deluxe water craft
And play it big in designer shades acting high class
And the girls that you know all admire that
They want your kids in a row
They’ll be lining up fast
To your door
So make a move
Castle in the sky
Pick and choose
If you want him
Would you share?
Cause that’s the deal, girl

Trickling coins
Making the noise
Follow it blind
Follow the signs
Why would want
Someone so vain
Stealing your soul
Making it rain?

You act supreme as your fortune lit the sky
But it’s a shell with a crack
And you’re just a plain guy
Play it big cause our world made it easy to
I see those shimmering rocks moving closer to you
To your door
So make a move
Castle in the sky
Pick and choose
If you want him, girl
Could you share?
Cause that’s the deal now
If you dare