Dazed Digital feature full album version of “Summertearz” on their playlist

Follow this link to hear the 03:54 minute recording of Little Dragon’s “Summertearz”, featured on Dazed Digital’s “new music playlist from the 200th issue of Dazed, including Björk, Inc, Zola Jesus, Hudson Mohawke, Azari & III and many more.” That “many more” includes Little Dragon, so check it out after the jump.

iTunes: 1-min-30-sec previews of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union LP

If you go to the iTunes storeand type “Little Dragon” in the search function and hit the enter key and continue to click on “Ritual Union”, you’ll find that a play icon appears when you hover on top any song title. Click said play icon and you’ll be privy to 1 minute and 30 seconds of each song. How long this will last I’m unsure, but it’s tantalising for now and has whetted the appetite more than I could ever had expected. Let it be the 26th, please.

What are you most excited by? Personally, I cannot pretend to not be knee-weakening-excited by “Please Turn”.