Video: Little Dragon perform “Little Man” and “Summertearz” at Moog Studios

The second installment of the Moog Sound Lab’s second season has arrived: In October, five bands entered an Asheville, North Carolina studio to pay homage to electronic music pioneer Bob Moog, the man who invented the synthesizer that’s been used on an innumerable amount of your favorite albums. Last month, Twin Shadow performed a pair of songs on instruments and filters manufactured by Moog, and now SPIN presents Sweden’s Little Dragon, featuring Gorillaz and SBTRKT collaborator Yukimi Nagano.

Little Dragon were forced to cancel their set at the annual Moogfest because bassist Fredrick Kallgren got sick, but their soundman stepped up so the synth-pop group could still hit Moog’s studio for an intimate take on their Ritual Union cut “Little Man.” This was Little Dragon’s first time at the Moog Sound Lab, but it looks like keyboardist Hakan Wirenstrand has already mastered that theremin. Nagano’s own unique voice was enhanced with a little help from the Analog Delay Moogerfooger.

There’s three more bands left on the docket for the second season of Moog Sound Lab: The Antlers, Ra Ra Riot, and Megafaun, and SPIN will premiere each of those sessions in the coming weeks. Until then, check out Little Dragon’s “Little Man” below and an additional performance of “Summertearz” at the Moog site. Source.

Full and complete lyrics to each Little Dragon song from the Ritual Union LP

Full, complete, and official. Learn them for the touring season.

1 – “Ritual Union
2 – “Little Man
3 – “Brush The Heat
4 – “Shuffle A Dream
5 – “Please Turn
6 – “Crystalfilm
7 – “Precious
8 – “Nightlight
9 – “Summertearz
10 – “When I Go Out
11 – “Seconds

Dazed Digital feature full album version of “Summertearz” on their playlist

Follow this link to hear the 03:54 minute recording of Little Dragon’s “Summertearz”, featured on Dazed Digital’s “new music playlist from the 200th issue of Dazed, including Björk, Inc, Zola Jesus, Hudson Mohawke, Azari & III and many more.” That “many more” includes Little Dragon, so check it out after the jump.

Little Dragon performing “Summertearz” at Sonar, Barcelona

“It’s kind of a chant. Do whatever you want … sing along … I don’t know … dance?” As highlighted by fortheloveoflittledragon, this is Little Dragon performing “Summertearz” at Sonar in Barcelona, Spain. The song, which from the studio version played on KCRW runs at just over two minutes, lasts for nine minutes here, with splendid positioning of the camera to show the active head bobbing that occurs with every Little Dragon gig.

Rata Rata & Artifakt Presents …

And if your mind has not already blown …

Studio version of “Summertearz” arrives as Yukimi talks to BBC Radio’s DJ Gilles Peterson

From BBC Radio 1: Streaming link. “Gilles had Yukimi Naganu from Little Dragon on the phone discussing beards and the new album!”

The interview, guided by long standing fan Gilles Peterson, begins at around 00:52:00. Importantly, the studio version of “Summertearz” is played at the beginning and sounds sensational – almost an exact replica of the live versions we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. Yukimi spoke about her collaboration with Raphael Saadiq, calling it a “huge thing” – and briefly spoke about how rare it is to be resting at home. Regarding the new record, Yukimi felt that Ritual Union was a departure from Machine Dreams, Gilles expressed his belief that it was a “brilliant” record. Yukimi said the album felt “unplanned” and “intuitive”, soulful yet experimental.

There were jokes about facial hair thrown about before “Brush The Heat” was given another radio airing. Yukimi then spoke of her “2011“/technological collaboration with SBTRKT (pronounced as subtract for anyone who wants to know). Yukimi said she wished she could call it an amazing experience, but really it was just swapping audio files back and forth, expressing their ideas essentially through the medium of file sharing – a very modern approach lacking intimacy. Before finally saying their goodbyes the DJ had one final thing to say: “Best elements of both first two albums mixed into one.”

Let’s decipher the lyrics to Little Dragon’s “Summertearz”, shall we?

When Yukimi speaks of this summer’s Ritual Union as having possibly a more tribal feel, then surely “Summertearz” is the one song we’ve heard so far that proves to be a storming example of the lead singer’s intention? Can’t wait to hear the studio version and all the intricacies it’ll bring.

Written by Yukimi Nagano


The coldest wind hit me so hard
I raise my fist
I slip apart
Oh oh
Nothing compares nothing at all
Just like my tears
I let them fall
Oh oh
It’s in my blood
This dizzy vein
It never cared of all my pain
Oh oh
So lead me on into your web
It’s just a ride that’s in my head
Oh oh

Kind of driven and kind of triggered on
I watch the woods trying to find those inner gods
Hold it back just to try to hold it in
Just like the devil that stayed ready to win
No competition still I’m acting on a race
Watching angels dancing in the slow of ways
Got to let it go
But I can’t
Got to let it go
But I
Oh oh

Little Dragon on Pitchfork TV performing “Summertearz”. Click this link for a better quality streaming video along with a performance of “Blinking Pigs” from the same showcase.

A teaser for Ritual Union

Hopefully this goes down well. This is just a teaser for the summer ahead or July 12th to be exact. What we’ve got here are four tracks, three of which are live, that will feature on Ritual Union when it surfaces in a couple of months. “NightLight” is the leaked and unmastered version. Remember, you can actually purchase this on iTunes (US) and I’d persuade you to do so as the difference is audible and certain and supporting the artist by throwing out a few pence is surely something that won’t significantly harm your pocket, hopefully. The others, including an excellent recording of “Little Man”, are live performances – which as Little Dragon fans well know can be superior to the record itself.


1. “NightLight” (Unmastered)
2. “Ritual Union” (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
3. “Summertearz” (Pitchfork)
4. “Little Man” (IFC at SXSW)


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