Little Dragon visit Dickies’ home at SXSW

What’s going down at the Dickies’ house? What Austin-type scenarios has Yukimi got herself into? Will Erik let us in on his favourite Christmas song? Is Fredrik willing to release the demons of his dark childhood? And what exactly does Hakan have in his wallet? Click here and you’ll be taken to a Facebook page (one you do not have to be logged into to view) where you’ll find all the answers in video form. This video came to my attention due to the wonderful contribution of Andrew, a visitor to this here site, so we thank him very much. Keep those contributions coming – of old and new news and multimedia – because you just can’t have enough Little Dragon in your life.

A teaser for Ritual Union

Hopefully this goes down well. This is just a teaser for the summer ahead or July 12th to be exact. What we’ve got here are four tracks, three of which are live, that will feature on Ritual Union when it surfaces in a couple of months. “NightLight” is the leaked and unmastered version. Remember, you can actually purchase this on iTunes (US) and I’d persuade you to do so as the difference is audible and certain and supporting the artist by throwing out a few pence is surely something that won’t significantly harm your pocket, hopefully. The others, including an excellent recording of “Little Man”, are live performances – which as Little Dragon fans well know can be superior to the record itself.


1. “NightLight” (Unmastered)
2. “Ritual Union” (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
3. “Summertearz” (Pitchfork)
4. “Little Man” (IFC at SXSW)


Note: Removed as per request.