Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union” 7″ promo single #vinylsoundsbetter

According Peacefrog, these 7″ vinyl pressings of “Ritual Union” (yes, “Ritual Union” as sung on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) as for sale as of last Friday, so if you’re a collector or an appreciator then I thought it only fair to let you know. “To celebrate the forthcoming Ritual Union album, we’ve got a limited (to 300) one sided 7″ orange vinyl collectors edition available now – be the first to own this forthcoming single!!” Just 300, people! You can purchase them from here or here (for decent-ish prices). The vinyl should also be orange, and not the red or darker orange as presented in the images below, which came directly from what I imagine to be Yukimi’s phone.

Also, the band has asked via twittledragon:

So make sure to let them know. I vote transparent.

And a final indulgent note for today, I opened my Twitter dashboard this morning to this note:

Which has caused irreparable spontaneous combustion. Thank you so much for the recognition of this very, very young website. The tweet has caused a certain level of embarrassment given the bland design we’ve got here which does us or the band no justice at all, but that will be amended in time. This site is just here to spread the word, so let it happen.

Jan Scharlau helps Little Dragon see the NightLight

Little Dragon have released their first single off the upcoming Ritual Union LP and it is “NightLight”. The song is available to download from the US iTunes website here, although for whatever reason it seems to be only available in that territory (maybe due to their strong Californian following). Yukimi posted on twittledragon that the single had reached number twenty-two on the single download chart after just two days. You’ve probably heard the streaming quality version of the release (which came about with the initial press release outlining the album due date, appearing on Pitchfork), but at least now we’ve got the chance to get ourselves a truly high quality version of this wonderful track.

The artwork was created by Jan Scharlau and you can check out extended versions of the piece at his website. Ritual Union really is shaping up to be an incredible record. We’ve now heard “Little Man”, “SummerTearz”, “Ritual Union”, and “NightLight” and each is better than the other. Summer can’t come quick enough. If you’re American, go purchase “Nightlight”. It’s just $.99! “Flyin’ like a heroine…”