Full and complete lyrics to each Little Dragon song from the Ritual Union LP

Full, complete, and official. Learn them for the touring season.

1 – “Ritual Union
2 – “Little Man
3 – “Brush The Heat
4 – “Shuffle A Dream
5 – “Please Turn
6 – “Crystalfilm
7 – “Precious
8 – “Nightlight
9 – “Summertearz
10 – “When I Go Out
11 – “Seconds

Lyrics to Little Dragon’s “When I Go Out”

And we’ve come to the end of Ritual Union’s lyrical odyssey with album closer “When I Go Out”. Here’s my attempt. As previous attempts have shown I’m usually wrong, so if you know better then make sure to leave a comment so we may sing along with confidence. Edit: Thank you to Lawrence for the 100% official lyrics taken from the liner. I need to get home quickly so I can get my physical copy. I’m missing out. Thanks, Lawrence!

“When I Go Out”
Words written by Yukimi Nagano

When I go out
I let my armour fall
And when they shout
I walk through the door

The sea’s blooming
I need to be gone
Through the tunnel
Kids are grown
Hair’s not long

Who took the heat
Took the light
From me and my shadow

Little Dragon release music video for “When I Go Out”

Edit: Directed by Italian artist Emanuel Kabu.

Whether an actual music video or simply a promotional piece, here’s some visuals to accompany the utterly stunning “When I Go Out”. The album, out this coming week, is itself a work of art. Compelling to the last drop, so do yourself a favour and buy it.

“In a music climate that succumbs to the lure of the first album and then moves on, it’s satisfying that Sweden’s Little Dragon are about to release their third album and seem to be getting more attention than ever. This is mainly due to their excellent second album, Machine Dreams, and an invite from Damon Albarn to appear on Gorillaz’s 2010 album, Plastic Beach. From there, singer Yukimi Nagano – whose voice is alluring as Martina Topley-Bird or Björk – has collaborated with Maximum Balloon and SBTRKT, while the band are reportedly working with Big Boi and DJ Shadow. For third album Ritual Union, Little Dragon continue their love of fidgety, twitchy electro-pop with When I Go Out – premiered here with an exclusive animated film – forgoing structure and melody in favour of weirdly pitched vocals, creeping synths and metallic-sounding percussion.” – The Guardian