Little Dragon featured “Precious” at Melkweg

Melkweg, you were treated so finely for a night, weren’t you? Not only were you privy to the first performance of “Brush The Heat“, but “Precious”, too? Laced with beats and a fifty-fifty split between Nagano vocals and pulsating instrumental, this could make for a fantastic interlude to “Nightlight”. Just wish the audio was that bit better, but we can’t be spoiled too early. 59 days to go… the wait goes on.

Edit: This video provides excellent quality, but at a shorter time share.

(Thanks to the recorder and uploader of the video.) July 12, 2011, Ritual Union. Tell all friends.

“Tendencies” at Mississippi Studios, Portland

“Tendencies”, Mississippi Studios, Portland, Oregon, April 12, 2010. Thought I’d post this particular video as the track itself may be unknown to quite a few (it’s a bonus track to Machine Dreams) and with this you can experience the coincidence of a stunning moment of eye contact with Yukimi. It’s as if you’re right there.