Listen to Little Dragon and Big Boi’s original studio version of “Mama Told Me”

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If the stream isn’t working, then you can download it here.

Original studio version of Mama Told Me feat. Little Dragon.
Produced by: The Flush Music. Source.

UK Users: Download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for FREE from iTunes!

Not a joke: If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom and you’ve got an account with iTunes, you can download SBTRKT & Little Dragon’s “Wildfire” for the total cost of zero pennies. I think that’s what they call a deal. Click the single cover to head on over to the iTunes store and collect the prize.

Edit: The one unfortunate issue is that you may still need to provide billing information, but you won’t be charged.

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Yukimi Nagano and Raphael Saadiq “Just Don’t” fail

When those guitar chords hit on opening, does anyone else hear Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”? Oh, that song gives me goosebumps. Here is yet another collaboration, this time in the form of a vocal appearance by Yukimi Nagano on Raphael Saadiq’s new record, Stone Rollin’, in the shape of track eight, “Just Don’t”.

Yukimi’s drifts in at the halfway point like a ghostly whisper, “I tell you all my secrets / Everythin’ I dreamed of / It’ll be a long list… / I’ll always be your lover / For me there is no other…”, accompanied by a line of keyboard synth that breathes like a stylised saxophone, produced to a clarity not found in much else but Janelle Monáe’s The ArchAndroid. It’s that kind of sound. That kind of impression.

As a Little Dragon fan you may well know that during the early days of Little Dragon Ms. Nagano aimed for a voice and a musical aesthetic closer to the R&B she adored (aren’t we glad the unique sound of Little Dragon was discovered instead?). Well, here we have a realisation of such a role, and further proof – as if our ears needed it – that her voice transcends genres and not only that, but is entirely timeless, too.

As a nod to Raphael, I provide you with an audio-only presentation of the song sung live (without the aid of Yukimi, unfortunately), and it’s a sensational offering. The record is called Stone Rollin’ and if you’ve got some money to spare on a musical investment for this week, let it be that.

Thanks to Julia, too, for brining this song back to the fore of my mind. You’re too kind for your efforts. Hope you all enjoy it. Note: To the band: If you’d like to collaborate with Julian Casablancas or the Strokes as a whole, then you will have completed my life and I can bow out as a satisfied man. Thank you in advance.

Little Dragon and lyrics: “Ritual Union”

Here is our attempt at translating the words to the title track from Little Dragon’s upcoming record. Hopefully they are correct, although they probably won’t be. At least it gives you an idea for the sing-along. I’ll attempt “SummerTearz”, “NightLight”, and “Little Man” later.

Written by Yukimi Nagano

Ritual Union

Ritual union has got me in trouble again
I was wonderin’ of a white dress
And a mistress
And her spirit – holding my hand!

Love sinking in the sand
Petals falling on demand
My feet are running like the wind
I’m sorry, boy – that we sinned
Love is not like they say
I lied, it’s hard to make it stay
I drown my feelings in the sea
Then dried out over on the beach

Ritual union has got me in trouble again
I was wonderin’ of a white dress
And the mistress
And a spirit – holding my hand!

Mother, tell me how it is
I know you’ve been through all of this
You ran away so many times
Your kids, your heart, a couple of dimes
Love is not like they say
I lied, it’s hard to make it stay
It drowns my feelings in the sea
I dried up over on the beach…