The papers share their views of Little Dragon’s Shepherds Bush Empire escapades

“A bouncy but emotionally unengaging show from the upbeat Swedes,” wrote the Arts Desk in a rather flimsily researched effort, but all the while honest, with the reviewer admitting to being one of just a few left underwhelmed. The Independent, on the other hand, concluded that, “It all makes for a very enjoyable gig experience, reaching an apex on ‘Little Man’. With a fast-running rhythm, a wriggly melody, and Nagano’s crisp delivery, anyone whose hips aren’t at least twitching should probably be checked for vital signs. Fiery stuff. And the London Evening Standard‘s Rick Pearson seemed somewhat moved by the whole thing: “When the five-piece delved deeper into their back catalogue, attention shifted from the stage to some of the unique dancing being offered by some of the trendier-than-though clientele. Yet it was a thoroughly undanceable encore of Twice that stole the show. The sparse, haunting piano-ballad proved that there’s substance here to match the undoubted style: a perfect end to a thrilling night in the Dragon’s den.”

2 thoughts on “The papers share their views of Little Dragon’s Shepherds Bush Empire escapades”

  1. The evening standard said “five-piece”…are they officially five members now with Arlid Werling? He’s always there now–he must be?

  2. It’s weird – it was mentioned by the band that Arild essentially joined them officially, yet he fails to feature in recent interviews/promotional photographs. But he’s on the stage and that’s where the real magic happens, so I think we’ll give him his official title. Exciting. The beast strengthens!

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