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Here’s an interesting article by related to the rise of popularity for Little Dragon. Some nifty photographs added, too. Not much in the way of new information, but the line “English label Peacefrog promptly inked Nagano and the guys to a three-album deal, of which Ritual Union, due in June, is the last and best effort” is undoubtedly the most exciting of the piece.

“If the band’s self-titled debut was a demure introduction to their after-hours charm and 2009’s Machine Dreams a sojourn into funkier forms, Union builds on the strengths of both — it’s equal parts chill-out-room dreamy and club-friendly fierce. The effect was intentional. “It’s an album for multitasking,” says Bodin, 31. “Our aim is to make music for people to escape into or dance to.” Thus, “Light” tiptoes on sleekly propulsive bass lines and airy, lovelorn melodies, while “Ritual Union” shifts between burbling, kinetic rhythm patterns and Nagano’s deeply affecting little-girl-lost vocals.”

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  1. Hmm that is interesting…I read Yukimi say in an interview (but it might’ve been a misquote) that the label didn’t really do a lot to promote them or jump start their career to where it is today–they were left on their own. Although, Peacefrog is limited in what they can do as they are a very small label in London. But Little Dragon’s success is really due to their own hard-work: year-long touring, leading to recognition from big names in music. I wonder if LD would’ve left Peacefrog earlier had they not been locked in! Or if they will after this album…

  2. Either we’re reading into things or we’ve got the same impression that indeed there was/is a level of discontent, but this may just have something to do with the earlier days. The Little Dragon LP was probably a forced release before it’s due time, but they were a young band and had their hands tied. It’s a tough business. There are certain acts I follow that have quickly released material to bypass their current contracts, but so far this doesn’t seem to be a trick employed by the band. Maybe the potential of Little Dragon is something that Peacefrog can’t contain?

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