4 thoughts on “Video: Eleanor Brown directs Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat (AVA Remix)””

  1. Erik Bodin is Zick????!! Oh I had no idea!! That’s so cool, I love those remixes. How’d you find that out? Guess I’m out of the loop too haha.

    No I just sort of came across Eleanor Brown by accident through Facebook through Yukimi’s Facebook or maybe Jose Gonzalez’s?? I don’t remember. But she has her own page and everything so I’m assuming it’s her personal page?

  2. Yeah, I remember hearing/reading somewhere Yukimi saying that the Swimming remix is Erik’s (‘or Zick’s’ and then she proceeds to laugh). A band of undercover names. I searched the name and there is indeed a beautiful picture of Yukimi in the profile. Oh, that woman. The heart can’t take it.

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