Video: Little Dragon interviewed by FBiRadio

I caught this when it was posted moments ago by For The Love Of Little Dragon, so a big shout out to them for the find. Unnecessary sitenote: Yukimi Nagano looks like a f’ing rock star here. The evasive sunglasses worn indoors always do it, don’t they? A certain Julian Casablancas vibe going there, certainly.

“Going from crowds of 10 people in Galway, Ireland…” Oh, man. No one lives in Galway. Even Morrissey had a show in Galway recently which was held in what seemed like a school gym with the smell of chlorine in the air from the swimming pool next door. The east coast is where most of us hang out, that’s where the people are. Well, I’m very glad to see they’ve gone from 10 people in Galway to their next Irish venue having been changed to an even bigger venue to accommodate the demand. The band is growing.

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