What links Little Dragon and FIFA Soccer 12?

Have you ever heard of FIFA Soccer 12? Well, it’s a soccer game – and it’s a rather big selling game, too. As it is, previous installments have sold tens of millions respectively, with tens of millions pirated, also. Little Dragon, along with such artists as the Strokes, the Vaccines, TV On The Radio, Cut Copy, and Crystal Castles, feature on the soundtrack to the game, which plays continuously in the background as the player works through his/her options. Talk about a huge case of exposure for the band, eh? And the chosen song? “Nightlight”.

2 thoughts on “What links Little Dragon and FIFA Soccer 12?”

  1. Great! I posted the song a few weeks ago on the FIFA 12 wishlist so its great so see they read my comment and chose it for the soundtrack! Love Little Dragon

  2. Whether by sheer coincidence or that they actually make your wish, I’m so glad they decided to pick up a Little Dragon song for the soundtrack. And if it was due to you, Pasha, then the band owe you a huge cheque for a seriously well executed PR/advertising stunt.

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