Would you like a free Little Dragon EP?


Amazon are offering the Little Dragon Amazon Artist Lounge EP for free! That’s for €0 or £0 or $0 or 0 bit coins or whatever you’re currency is.

The tracklisting is:
1. Klapp Klapp (Live in Gothenburg, Sweden)
2. Paris (Live in Gothenburg, Sweden)
3. Killing Me (Live in Gothenburg, Sweden)

Find it here.

Thanks again to Daniel of mrbounty and

6 thoughts on “Would you like a free Little Dragon EP?”

  1. I tried to get the EP but for some reason it’s not available in the US, is there a way around this?

  2. Yeah, if you’re from the U.S. there really isn’t an explanation after you enter your credit card. We need to find someone from the UK to share it with us…

  3. No longer free. And even though they charge for it now, you still have to be in the UK to buy it. Maybe I should call my bank and change the billing info on the card…

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